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Since its establishment in the 1990s, Vastrade Group has introduced many famous Chinese food brands to Australia in a pioneering way, enriching the diet structure of The Australian people.Through merger and acquisition and equity cooperation, the company integrates high-quality Australian resources, and establishes well-known brands such as BLUE RIVER, HONEY SPRING and BARRA NOWA to bring high-quality Australian products to Chinese consumers.

Vastrade Group has invested and established "Beijing Vastrade Fertilizer Industry Co., LTD." and "Tianjin Bohua Vastrade Yongli Chemical Co., LTD." in China.In Australia, Vastrade Group has invested in "Australian Calabria Family Wine Industry", "Harbor Mineral Water Plant" and other well-known local production enterprises.Has contributed to the economic development of Australia.

    For 32 years from 1988 to now, Vastrade Group has been committed to bilateral trade and investment between Australia and China."The return of standard and nature" is the core idea of Vastrade Group.In line with this purpose, Vastrade Group will continue to innovate and forge ahead, making positive contributions to the economic and cultural exchanges between Australia and China.





In 1988, Australia Vastrade Group was formally founded in Sydney, capital of New South Wales.The main business covers instrumentation, complete set of automation equipment export.At that time, in the early stage of China's reform and opening up, Vastrade Group made outstanding contributions to the construction of key industrial projects and high-tech industrial projects in China and filled a series of technological gaps in China.



1994: at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China, Vastrade Group established two joint ventures with well-known Chinese enterprises in Beijing: Beijing Vastrade Fertilizer Industry Co., LTD., and Beijing Jiayun Automation Control Engineering Co., LTD.



1998: China set off a wave of Australian immigrants studying abroad.In order to meet the growing demand for Chinese food in Australia, Vastrade Group established Vastrade Food Import and Export Co., LTD.The introduction of famous Chinese food brands to Australia enriched the living needs of Chinese people and won great praise, and soon became a famous Asian food import enterprise in Australia.




2000: Vastrade Group set up the export business of health products in Australia, established Honey Spring series Honey propolis products, and owned the proprietary intellectual property rights of the formula.Among them, Honey Spring brand propolis drops have been issued by the State Food and Drug Administration of the "National food health word health food approval document No." (blue hat).




2005: Vastrade Group acquired a stake in the Family wine industry of Calabria, Australia, and obtained the permanent export right of greater China.In February 2006, Vastrade group began to export the products of Calabria family wine industry to China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and other regions and countries.


2008: Vastrade Group cooperates with "Hong Kong Jinheng Investment Holdings" and other influential enterprises in the trade of petrochemical raw materials in the Asia-Pacific region to form "Vastrade Investment Holdings Limited".Tianjin Bohua Vastrade Yongli Chemical Co., LTD., which is owned by Tianjin Bohua Group and is known as the father of Chinese national industry, has invested 600 million RMB together with Tianjin Alkali Plant to establish tianjin Bohua Vastrade Yongli Chemical Co., LTD.




2016: Vastrade Group joined hands with a famous Chinese entrepreneur to acquire Coornula National Park Harbor Spring Co., LTD., Australia.Distribution of high-quality imported water resources, the original bottle exported to Australia quality natural drinking water.



2017: Vastrade Group established Vastrade Blue River (Guangzhou) Technology Co., LTD with many high-quality partners in China, marking that Aojia Group has taken an epochal step into the Chinese market.


Since 1988, Vastrade has been focusing on sino-Australian bilateral trade for 31 years.
Successively founded BLUE RIVER, HONEY SPRING, BARRA NOWA and other brands,
Australian wine, honey, health care products, drinking natural water and other quality products to Chinese consumers.
In line with the core concept of "return of standard and nature",
Vastrade will continue to innovate and forge ahead.
It has made positive contributions to the economic and cultural exchanges between Australia and China.

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