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Honey Spring

Has been escorting your health for 20 years

In 2000, Vastrade Group established Honey Spring brand
Select high quality, pure natural, pollution-free honey and propolis products
For tens of thousands of Chinese families, bring sweet enjoyment and healthy life




At the southern end of the Australian,
Known as "the purest continent in the world", "The Natural Continent"
Forty percent of the island is listed as a national forest park and nature reserve
It has the oldest and most beautiful rainforests
It is home to many rare plants and animals that are hard to find elsewhere in the world
This beautiful and pure land,
It is a mecca for the world-famous Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey


Australia Bee Products Co. LTD

Launceston, northern Tasmania, Australia
It was founded in 1966
Strict production management, pure quality
HACCP certification, B-QUal certification, organic certification, etc
It now has the most beehives in Tasmania



Australia's best Leatherwood Honey Award
The Australian Organic Honey Award
Gold Medal for mead
Bronze Award for innovative Products
Best cream honey
Best local honey
Honey Champion at the Royal Sydney Exhibition 2008
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Regional Exporter awards 2007
Best Food Award, Hobart, United States Military Academy at West Point
The Tasmanian Organic Food Champion award

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