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To offer you the clean and holy waters of Australia

BARRA NOWA is a brand under the Aojia Group
Focus on production and original bottles exported to Australia pure drinking natural water and delicious long-acting fruit juice and other products
The Australian Harbour Springs Company limited has been supplying natural mineral water since the 1930s
The factory is located in Kulnura National Park in New South Wales, Australia
It covers thousands of acres and is heavily forested
In 2016, Vastrade Group acquired Australian Harbor Springs LTD
To provide consumers with the original export of high-quality natural drinking water




Natural mineral water has been available since the 1930s
The factory is located in Kulnura National Park in New South Wales, Australia, covering thousands of acres of forested land.
From 60 meters to 120 meters below the surface of Kurnura National Park, the deep rock layer was selected for infiltration water
Adopt the direct bottling mode of water source, and only do simple and necessary treatment to the raw water
Complete filling and packaging in a sterile and pollution-free environment
Strictly comply with international HACCP food safety regulations



Barra Nova juice, selected from Australian local quality fresh fruit.
Using Australia's most advanced juice production process, retain the delicious nutrition of Australian fruit, let you enjoy the taste of sunshine from Australia.
Australia is blessed with a unique natural environment with clear air and clear water. Australian fruits are famous for their high quality.


Barra Nova juice is produced by Bevco, Australia, which was founded in 1876,
Known for its high quality fruit juice products, It is one of the most important fruit juice producers in Australia.

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